What Can I Do?

I started this blog for a reason, to get my writing out there in the world, the only problem is that I do not know what to write about and I do not want to only write some of my old poems here, besides a friend anyway has 2 of my 3 poetry books that she still wants to read through.

I could write reviews on books I have read, but it wouldn’t be very long and also, I do not always read the ‘mainstream’ books out there that everyone is reading at this specific point in time. Other more popular books I have read has been some time ago, so is it still relevant to write about it and review it?

I guess I can write some articles, but what do I write about? The ‘big’ topics are usually: sex, religion and politics. I have no problem writing about sex and gender, my thesis was with regard to that. Religion is interesting but what exactly do I write about with regard to religion? Comparison studies or what? And then there is politics, I just honestly do not want to write about that, there is so much political drama all over the world right now, suicide bombers, genocide, farm murders, Trump, Zuma and all that other topics that make everyone just go completely bonkers. So no thanks, I do not want to write about politics, especially not in my country… I will probably get in trouble if i state my opinion about everything that is going on.

So I guess why I wrote this blog entry, is for 2 reasons: Firstly, just to finally write something again; Secondly, to ask whoever is following my blog or randomly reading this now to give me some ideas, anything you want to know I can go do some research about and write here, or if you like my poetry I will write more, tell me if you want to see movie or book reviews or even short stories or random updates about my week.

Please drop a comment below if you can think about anything 🙂


About Channah_Reynecke

College graduate with a degree in Psychology and English. I am an au pair at the moment but going to carry on with my studies this year. I love animals especially horses. During my studies I had to write a thesis and that is when I realised that I love writing even more than just poetry in general and on top of that I am a total book nerd, so I got that going for me!
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