My Studies at UNISA, University of South Africa

This is just a random post I am making to say a little about what my studies are about this year. I am doing my Honours in English Studies at UNISA, and my subjects are following:

  • Intersections: Race, Class, and Gender: This is an interesting subject looking at a few different topics and themes that are often present in literature and with my 3 assignments I have for this subject I have an assignment on each of the topics mentioned within the name of the subject. I have a big list of prescribed books to choose from when implementing them with regard to each topic, something I have done in previous studies.
  • Research Paper/Thesis: I initially had 35 topics to choose from and I have narrowed it down to more or less 1o that I am interested in. I have not yet chosen a specific topic but I have looked at what literature fits within these different categories and which of those I have which makes the ultimate choice that much easier.
  • The English Heritage: With this subject we learn about English literature and it’s history, again we have 3 assignments and for the first one we had to choose between the Medieval or ¬†Renaissance periods, I chose Renaissance because of Shakespeare, I love the guy. For my second assignment we could choose either the Romantic or Victorian period or one of the above which we did not choose for the first assignment, I chose Victorian because I found this period fascinating. For the third assignment we can choose another question on either of the periods I already did, but a question I have not yet chosen to do. We have several prescribed books for this subject to choose from for topics and some they specify which books we need to do for a specific question.
  • Popular Culture and the Practices of Reception: Once again a very interesting subject, the assignments are just a little weird for me but hey, it is about popular culture after all. My first assignment is basically about a zombie movie, my second assignment about fashion and the third is about music videos, one of which is ‘Anaconda’ by Nicki Minaj, an assignment about booty! This is something I have never encountered with regard to my studies before, but this could be an interesting new learning experience.
  • Africa Text and Territories: Not sure what This is about exactly but I have a rough idea, I am only doing this next year though, because I couldn’t apply for it this year after I dropped Decoloniality as a subject.

I think this year’s studies will be different to previous years in many ways other than the fact that it is for an Honours degree and not a normal BA degree. The methods of studying for this, the assignments and discussions is all very different and interesting. I am both excited and nervous for my studies at UNISA this year. Just keep your fingers crossed for me that I do good and pass everything I need to pass.


About Channah_Reynecke

College graduate with a degree in Psychology and English. I am an au pair at the moment but going to carry on with my studies this year. I love animals especially horses. During my studies I had to write a thesis and that is when I realised that I love writing even more than just poetry in general and on top of that I am a total book nerd, so I got that going for me!
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