The Animal is Free

Everyone has a dark side

Animalistic when push comes to show

Some be a wolf, dragon, lion, panther

You might be a lunatic

You might be a hunter

You’ve never been prey

You run, try to hide, get away

Acting like prey, run for freedom

You’re running from yourself

The hunter becomes the hunted

When the darkness takes over

Run for your life, stumble and fall

Devoured by the darkness inside

Taking over, body and soul

Eyes open in a strange place

The change has occurred

The animal sniffs the air

Blood in the wind, smell of flesh

The kill is fresh, deliciously bloody

Taste the innocence which used to be

Something you will never again be

Because the animal is alive and free.


About Channah_Reynecke

I am a college graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in psychology and English. I love both reading and writing and consider myself a book nerd. I also enjoy doing art and writing poetry. I plan on using my 'blog' as a place where I can upload assignments that has already been marked, any thesis I wrote or might still write, my poetry and perhaps on occasion some reviews or personal experiences.
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