Before it Started

Fate, destiny, meant to be

All this you made me believe

You gave me hope, I dared to trust

Everything you said to me

Beyond what I have ever heard or felt before

I was on the edge of giving up

Then you came along and took my hand, stole my heart

But now it is all over, before it started

Making me wonder if it was but a game

Conclusion made, love is bullshit.


About Channah_Reynecke

I am a college graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in psychology and English. I love both reading and writing and consider myself a book nerd. I also enjoy doing art and writing poetry. I plan on using my 'blog' as a place where I can upload assignments that has already been marked, any thesis I wrote or might still write, my poetry and perhaps on occasion some reviews or personal experiences.
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One Response to Before it Started

  1. filthydee123 says:

    #lifelessons well written, thank you for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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