I am the one

I am the one standing on the side-lines

The one who barely says a word about anything

I am the one asking questions

But not yet giving an opinion of my own

I listen, I take it all in, looking at it from different angles

I am slowly making meaning of it all, my opinion

Do not shoot my down

Do not disregard my words just because it is mine

I may know more than you can ever comprehend, understand more

Do not see my silence as incompetence

Nor see it as naivety because of my age

I listen to all, try to understand

You may not notice me but I am there

And I have a voice…


About Channah_Reynecke

I am a college graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in psychology and English. I love both reading and writing and consider myself a book nerd. I also enjoy doing art and writing poetry. I plan on using my 'blog' as a place where I can upload assignments that has already been marked, any thesis I wrote or might still write, my poetry and perhaps on occasion some reviews or personal experiences.
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